Test Arena Blekinge – Internet of Things

The project Internet of Things evaluates the potential of online big data analysis in sheet metal forming. The inputs to the project are both measurements of the sheet properties, eg mechanical properties, surface fineness and amount of oil, and the geometry of the finished detail. This data volume will then be analyzed online (remote and cloud) using different methods and models to find connection between input data and results after pressing. One of the objectives of the project is to develop a test bed in Blekinge for the application of IoT to industrial manufacturing machines.

About Internet of Things
With the Internet of Things, computers can automatically find patterns and gain insights from large amounts of data without pre-telling what to look for, where to look or how to go. The rapid technological development means that, with the help of Internet of Things, it is possible to accelerate an organization’s ability to discover and evaluate new patterns and relationships many times. Internet of Things can be applied in a variety of areas such as manufacturing industry, healthcare, fraud, etc.

To find out more information about the project, please contact Joakim Thiel, Blue Science Park


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