With over 20 years of experience within Telecom and IT, the area Digital is an obvious focus area for Blue Science Park. A Vinnova report, presented in January of 2016, shows that Karlskrona is 1 of 5 clusters in Sweden with high relevance for digitisation. We are also identified as Sweden’s centre for the Internet of Things. They also write “One of the world’s foremost ICT clusters gets a kick-start after 20 years – TelecomCity takes on a heightened role as a Science Park.”

Our biggest strength is that we have the entire ecosystem in place, from strong research and education at Blekinge University of Technology, including 3 Master of Science programmes, a Gaming and Software development programme, Data Security and Data Science (from 2018), to product development companies such as Ericsson and users/operators like Telenor, Sierra Wireless and IIOX. We also have close proximity between these partners, which makes us ideal as a test bed with our new and open Blue IoT Test bed.

Blue IoT Test bed will also offer IoT Live – a course open to all, which aims to provide the participants basic knowledge and tools to develop services themselves within IoT. The course is aimed at individuals and companies.


Upcoming events within Digital

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  • Gör verklighet av dina idéer med Blue Concept Lab
    Gör verklighet av dina idéer med Blue Concept Lab
    Tillsammans med Ericsson, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola och Karlskrona kommun...
    eHealth Marine technology Project Telecom/IT
  • EM-power: Innovativ energieffektivisering
    EM-power: Innovativ energieffektivisering
    Energimyndigheten gör en ny satsning på Sveriges innovationsmiljöer med...
    Project Telecom/IT
  • Banbrytande idéer – Virtual Positioning System
    Banbrytande idéer – Virtual Positioning System
    Syftet med utlysningen Banbrytande idéer från Vinnova är att...
    Project Telecom/IT
  • Framtidskompetens i Blekinge
    Framtidskompetens i Blekinge
    Övergripande mål  Övergripande mål med projektet Framtidskompetens i Blekinge är att...
    eHealth Marine technology Project Telecom/IT
  • Smart city/Digital City Challenge
    Smart city/Digital City Challenge
    Övergripande mål Digital Cities Challenge Att bli ett innovationscentrum i...
    Project Telecom/IT
  • Test arena Blekinge - Main project
    Test arena Blekinge - Main project
    We will invest 24 million for three years to...
    eHealth Marine technology News Project Telecom/IT