The cost of healthcare in Sweden is estimated to increase by 30% by 2050. For elderly care, the increase is expected to be more than double. The reason is paradoxically that we live longer and the older we become, the more diseases we get.

The trend is that we move from institutional care to an increasing focus on the individual in the home. We take more responsibility for our own health, want to stay healthy longer and want to postpone the need for care. When illnesses eventually take gold, we want to be able to manage as long as possible in our own homes.

eHealth will be an important part of the solution to the demographic challenge at hand. Developments in eHealth are thought to involve one of the biggest social changes since internet and mobile telephony. Changes that present new and great opportunities for Swedish industry. eHealth is already one of the world’s fastest emerging markets.

In Blekinge’s business sector, over the past twenty years a significant amount of specialist skills have been built up in the Telecom/IT area. Blekinge University of Technology is ranked top in the world in software development and has outstanding research in Applied Health Technology. The county council and municipal health care organisations harness and adapt to change quickly and are development-oriented.

Blue Science Park designs eHealth development projects together with these partners to give Blekinge a strategic opportunity to be at forefront when it comes to solutions that desired throughout the entire developed world.


Upcoming events within Telecom/IT


04jun11:3014:00Exjobb som skapar innovationer! Open Innovation Lunch

05jun07:3009:00Vision Gräsvik 2025 och finansiering för digital samhällsbyggnad - Kunskapsfrukost

11jun07:3009:30Tekniska innovationer inom idrotts- och hälsoteknik - föreläsning och rundtur på Blekinge Health Arena

13jun07:3009:00Test-arena Blekinge kompetensspridning - Kunskapsfrukost


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