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We will invest 24 million for three years to build three test arenas within Blekinge’s strength areas Maritime Technology, Telecom / IT and eHealth. The test arenas gives research better opportunity to reach small and medium-sized businesses and thereby creating growth. The overall and long-term goal of the project is that the small…(Read More)

The project Internet of Things evaluates the potential of online big data analysis in sheet metal forming. The inputs to the project are both measurements of the sheet properties, eg mechanical properties, surface fineness and amount of oil, and the geometry of the finished detail. This data volume will then be analyzed online (remote and…(Read More)

Blue IoT Testbed

Internet of Things (IoT) is an area in focus and already there are over 22 billion connected devices and 2020 is predicted 50 billion units will be online. In our test bed at Blue Science Park, Campus Gräsvik, we are now building an environment to showcase different applications in the Internet of Things – both…(Read More)

INventory REcognition (INRE) for next-generation secure network One of the basic prerequisites for stable IT security is that you have control over the resources available on the network, that these resources are properly configured and updated. In terms of technical resource networking, implementation and deployment can be done with reasonable efforts for IPv4 networks…(Read More)

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