Stena Line Propeller Prize, awarded by Blue Science Park since 2015 to two entrepreneur companies with SEK 100,000 in ICT and SEK 100,000 in Maritime Technology. The competition is open to young companies in the Baltic Sea Region where three finalists in each category can meet the jury at Innovation Day which this…(Read More)

In line with the digitization of more and more industries and parts of society, IT security becomes an increasingly important area. To meet the needs and open up for new opportunities, Blue Science Park now starts collaborating with other clusters and companies around the Baltic Sea. In conjunction with the Blue Science Park event Innovation…(Read More)

The Stena Line Propeller Prize 2018 was awarded on Thursday, May 3, at the Innovation Day 18 Innovation Day in Karlskrona. The winner in the Marine Technology category became Green City Ferries from Stockholm and the winner in the ICT category became Yellowfish from Ronneby. Innovation Day is an annual innovation event in Telecom /…(Read More)

Blue Science Park has been granted the eHealth Innovation project. The objective of the project is to create growth in companies in the field of eHealth by increasing the innovation capacity of public actors in seven pilot projects. Blue Science Park has been working with eHealth since 2013, through the SICAHT project, combining the region…(Read More)

We will invest 24 million for three years to build three test arenas within Blekinge’s strength areas Maritime Technology, Telecom / IT and eHealth. The test arenas gives research better opportunity to reach small and medium-sized businesses and thereby creating growth. The overall and long-term goal of the project is that the small…(Read More)

The main purpose of our project Detect at the bottom is to create a test bed which improves the conditions for “productification” of research results in underwater technology – system integration linked to AUV and ROV operations, testing system accuracy regarding both positioning and maneuvering in ex. narrow spaces and the technical ability to detect…(Read More)

The main purpose of our project Work under water is to create a test bed which improves the conditions for “productification” of research results in subsea technology – system integration for underwater work. The test bed will provide unique possibilities for completing methods, performing plans, calculations, simulations, operational efficiency development, tests and evaluations for both…(Read More)

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in Sweden, both for women and men. About half of the western world’s population is ill and dying in any of these diseases. In Sweden, 12 percent of the population has a kind of heart disease.Research in information and communication technology aimed at people…(Read More)

The project Internet of Things evaluates the potential of online big data analysis in sheet metal forming. The inputs to the project are both measurements of the sheet properties, eg mechanical properties, surface fineness and amount of oil, and the geometry of the finished detail. This data volume will then be analyzed online (remote and…(Read More)

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