About BlueHealth Prize

BlueHealth Prize is an new entrepreneur prize awarded by Länsförsäkringar Blekinge to young businesses in the eHealth area. One young growth company with an connection to Blekinge will be awarded with 50 000 SEK. BlueHealth Prize is announced by Blue Science Park and the award ceremony takes place at Innovation Day in Karlskrona, May 6th 2021, where businesses, media and other stakeholders will be present. All presentations will be in English.

The jury

A jury will appoint three companies for the next stage of the competition. Being among the three nominees, comes with higher demand on being able to show and explain the business idea with documentation and proof of concept. This presentation also forms the basis for the jury’s final decision to select the winner.

Why BlueHealth Prize?

In the long term, we will have self-driving cars and connected homes that detect an accident before it happens. But things are things. We must not forget ourselves. Most things point to our health being the next area that will entail large costs – for both insurance companies and society. Many of today’s illnesses are preventable and the best is of course if we can stay healthy. And that is where new technology will play a crucial role. That is why we as a bank and insurance company already work with a number of health promotion services – but more are needed. By having a prize in eHealth, we want to promote the good initiatives that are being taken and at the same time stimulate an increased entrepreneurial spirit in the area.

To participate in the competition the company:

…must be active within the eHealth area.

…must be active.

…must have a connection to Blekinge region in Sweden.

…preferably not older than five years.

…should have an ambition to grow.

…should be driven by entrepreneurship and innovation.

…should have a documented proof of concept.

…should be internationally scalable.

…should be focused on sustainability.



The nomination will be open early in 2021. 


Länsförsäkringar Blekinge has been active since 1843 and offers a wide range of insurance and banking services for individuals, companies, and farmers.  Today we have offices in Karlshamn, Karlskrona, Ronneby, Sölvesborg, and Olofström; 67 500 customers, and around 90 employees. We are the market leader in property insurance and have a strong growth in life insurance, banking, and funds.  As a customer owned company, it is natural for us to pursue long-term sustainability efforts to contribute to a better society where we live and work.