Innovation day

Innovation Day is an annual conference with the purpose of bringing people together to share ideas and expand horizons. You will meet interesting people at the forefront of research and technology.

innovation day 2022

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Innovation Day 2022

Highlights from the day

How can digital innovation be useful in times of great needs?

Using digitalization for a sustainable future in ferry operations

Stena Line Propeller Prize Award Ceremony

Start-up and innovation showcase with BBI & TCL

How information technology revolutions shape industries, societies and human behavior.

To accelerate a region with audiovisual innovation


8.30 - 8.45Welcome and introduction:
Tamara Carleton, Conference Moderator
Sandra Bizzozero, Mayor of Karlskrona
Jörgen Adolfsson, CEO of Blue Science Park
8.55 - 9.05Opening speaker:
Khashayar Farmanbar, Minister for Energy and Digitalization.
9.10 - 11.00How can digital innovation be useful in times of great needs?
Keynote speaker: Louis Potter, Co-founder at Outsight International
- What can the future teach us about solving problems with technology?

Keynote speaker: Nathalie Kazzi, CEO at Blue Tree Advisors
- How Blockchain applications are used in the humanitarian field.

Panel discussion - How can digital innovation be useful for great needs?
- Fredrik Andrén, Innovation Ethnographer
- Mårten Holmberg, Innovation Leader at Blue Science Park
- Andreas Larsson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Blekinge Institute of Technology
- Lars Ekman, CEO at Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan (The Savingsbank foundation Kronan)
11:05 - 11.20Round-table sessions:
Inspired by the keynote addresses and panel discussions, we break-out into smaller round-table conversations to explore and reflect on implications for business and society, necessary changes, and possible collaborative actions and projects.
11.20 - 12.00Using Digitalization to drive competitive advantage and preparing for a sustainable future in ferry operations

Keynote speakers:
Lina Baldursson, Transformation Lead & Samad Muhammad, Head of Digital - Stena Line
12:00 - 13.00Lunch break
13.00 - 13.30Stena Line Propeller Prize Award Ceremony
Announcement of the winners of the Stena Line Propeller Prize Award for the categories Maritime Technology and Digital Communication Technology.
13.30 - 14.40 Start-up and innovation showcase
Meet a select group of start-ups and innovative ideas connected to the Blekinge Business Incubator and Blue Science Park’s Tech Concept Lab. Discover, learn from, and connect with talented people and top impact ideas.
14.40 - 15.00Break
15.00 - 16.20To accelerate a region with audiovisual innovation - Presented by Almi Businesspartner Blekinge
Liselott Wentzel, Business advisor at Almi

Keynote speaker:
Ashkan Fardost talks about how information technology revolutions shape industries, societies and human behavior.

Panel discussions:
Filmnode Blekinge is a regional business accelerator for the audiovisual industry owned by the municipality of Karlskrona and Region Blekinge. Filmnode Blekinge and Blekinge Institute of Technology is initiating a Virtual Production Studio Lab in close collaboration with the audiovisual sector. Listen to stakeholders about the possibilites with the initiative.

Accelerating a region with audiovisual innovation
· Henrik JP Åkesson Ruben, Project Manager, Filmnode Blekinge
· Martina Eriksdotter, Director of Film Development, Film Office City of Gothenburg
· Giulia Wally Scurati, Postdoctoral Researcher, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Dual Use of Virtual Production
· Tobias Larsson, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology
· Anton Johansson, CEO & Producer, Istudios Visuals
· Monika Klein, Professor Academy of Art/Mediadesign Incubator, Stettin Polen
16.05 - 16.20Round-table sessions
Inspired by the keynote addresses and panel discussions, we break-out into smaller round-table conversations to explore and reflect on implications for business and society, necessary changes, and possible collaborative actions and projects.
16.20 - 16.30Closing remarks
17.00 -Get Together at the Pot in Karlskrona
(registered guests only)
Join us for more great conversations, music, and fun!
Key notes


Tamara Carleton

Moderator - Tamara

Ph.D. CEO and founder of Innovation Leadership Group LLC

Dr. Tamara Carleton is a global business executive and thought leader in strategic foresight and innovation. She is CEO of Silicon Valley-based firm Innovation Leadership Group, which trains and coaches teams around the world. Clients include Airbus Group, Microsoft, Vinnova, and Volvo Group. She also teaches innovation and foresight at multiple universities worldwide – Stanford University in the US, University of St. Gallen and University of Zurich in Switzerland, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, and Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan. She is now part of the Blekinge innovation ecosystem, working with BTH and Blue Science Park.

Khashayar Farmanbar

Khashayar Farmanbar

Minister for Energy and Digitalization.

Khashayar is the Minister for Energy and Minister for Digital Development in Magdalena Andersson’s Cabinet. As a student at Luleå University of Technology he studied computer engineering and marketing. Khashayar has a background from the IT sector. Before becoming minister, he was oppositional municipal commissioner in Nacka municipality.

Louis Potter

Co-founder at Outsight International

Louis has a wide range of experience covering development, health, innovation, technology and research. Having worked in DRC, Zambia and India with Medecins Sans Frontières as well as with other NGOs, he is well acquainted with the practical realities of delivering impact in the field, in the long and short term.

In recent years, he has been consulting with a range of humanitarian organisations, universities and companies to improve innovation processes and outcomes. In particular, this has included managing projects focused on improving healthcare provision in hard to reach contexts through new technologies. He is an experienced facilitator and has been closely involved in efforts to improve collaborations between the nonprofit, academic and commercial sectors in recent years. He also has significant experience in humanitarian monitoring and evaluation, as well as utilising human-centered design methodologies. Before this, previous roles included government, tech, business and research sectors.

Innovation Day - Speaker - Nathalie Kazzi

Nathalie Kazzi

CEO at Blue Tree Advisors

Nathalie Kazzi has over 16 years of experience leading international project implementation and developing innovative growth strategies in industries spanning Energy, Fintech, AI, Online Education and Blockchain.

As CEO of Blue Tree Advisors she is responsible for mentoring, advising and co-founding a number of startups in the Blockchain space. She has served on multiple boards, and is a regular panelist and speaker on topics ranging from Blockchain to women in leadership, and prioritizes her support of companies with an impact element and women in management.

Innovation Day - Speaker - Linda Baldursson

Lina Baldursson

Transformation Lead at Stena Line

Lina Baldursson has a background in digital innovation, marketing and e-commerce. She switched from fashion to ferries when she left the fashion industry to work as a Transformation Lead at Stena Line.

Now she is working to accelerate the sustainability agenda in all business areas to achieve Stena Line’s ambitious goals. She seeks new collaborations and common agendas throughout the value chain, so that the necessary change towards a sustainable future can be implemented.

Innovation Day - Speaker - Samad Muhammad

Samad Muhammad

Head of Digital at Stena Line

Samad has recently joined Stena Line as Head of Digital, with a background in management of digital change and transformation, both from retail banking and London and more recently at Volvo Cars leading a global hybrid organisation (business and digital/IT resources) responsible for all financial planning & strategy technology worldwide.

He hopes to bring learnings from other industries to his new role along with deep technology expertise, experience in setting up digital teams of scale with agile practices as well as practical experience of how to accelerate business engagement and conversion of digital strategies into concrete outcomes.

Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan Fardost

Former music producer and Doctor of Chemistry from Uppsala University

Ashkan Fardost is a former music producer and Doctor of Chemistry from Uppsala University. Since 2015, he has been involved in Stockholm’s Tech scene, invested in start-ups, worked with Hyper Island and Soundtrap by Spotify.


How can digital innovation be useful for great needs?

Innovation Day - Speaker - Mårten Holmberg

Mårten Holmberg

Innovation Leader at Blue Science Park

Mårten Holmberg has worked in the telecom and IT industry for 25 years, with innovation management and ecosystems in focus. With a holistic view he helps different actors from industry, civil society and academia come together and co-create digital solutions with a purpose

Innovation Day - Speaker - Fredrik

Fredrik Andrén

Innovation Ethnographer

Ethnographer with interest in innovation methodologies for climate action with a focus on our energy transition. Technologies capable of crating abundance harbors a specific key functions and blockchain is one such technology which is why it has been a focus and interest for several years.

Innovation Day - Speaker - Anderas Larsson

Andreas Larsson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Dr. Andreas Larsson has worked with applied research in product development and innovation for the last 20 years in industries including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, consumer electronics, paper and packaging, and IT. In the humanitarian innovation space, he serves as Innovation Practice Advisor at MSF Sweden Innovation Unit (Médecins Sans Frontières) and Advisor at Outsight International. Andreas was part of the first batch of certified innovation leaders in Sweden (ISO/IEC 17024).

Lars Ekman

CEO at Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan (The Savingsbank foundation Kronan)

Lars has a long career from the banking sector as asset manager and trader and as manager in retail banking and private banking.

Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan is a large shareholder in Swedbank. As CEO at Kronan Lars is responsible for ownership issues regarding Swedbank and he works close to other main shareholders in Swedbank including other savingsbank foundations, savings banks and Folksam.

Lars is also daily leader for the foundation and handle the grant activities where Kronan can contribute to culture, sport, research, business and education.


Accelerating a region with audiovisual innovation

Henrik JP Åkesson Ruben

Project Manager, Filmnode Blekinge

Henrik is a film director, a film producer, a film festival director, an accelerator and a project manager. Or as he usually sums it up as; A very driven film entrepreneur. He graduated as a film producer from European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs in 2017, and he initiated and ran the internationally acclaimed Carl International Film Festival 2017-2020. He has continued producing the festival’s industry event Carl Film Forum 2021 and onwards and also works to promote the southern Sweden film industry through the regional business development project Filmnode Blekinge (formerly known as Filmplan). He is also the regional film commissioner of the Blekinge region since 2020. As a project manager of Filmnode Blekinge he is one of the initiators of the virtual production studio lab in Karlskrona.

Martina Eriksdotter

Director of Film Development, Film Office City of Gothenburg

Martina is a strategic leader with a long experience of development in communication, business, art- and society development. She has extended experience in both private and public sector as well on a local, national and international level. The perspectives covers everything from connecting international stakeholders in projects to creating new forums and structures for the local industry. She is a member of several different Advisory Boards connected to the film and moving image industry.

She is also a member of Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden (Innovationsledarna).

Giulia Wally Scurati

Postdoctoral Researcher, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Dr Giulia Wally Scurati is a postdoctoral researcher at BTH working on virtual prototyping. She has a background in Design and Engineering and got a PhD in Mechanical Engineerin from Politecnico di Milano on the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality to support sustainable behaviour. Her research regards the integration of behaviour change strategies in the design of products, services, and interactive experiences with a focus on sustainability aspects.

She currently works on the development of simulations, visualization, and gamification tools to support collaborative decision-making and sustainability awareness in industries and organizations


Dual Use of Virtual Production

Tobias Larsson

Professor (Ph.D.) & Research Director, Product Development Research Lab, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Professor (Chair in Mechanical Engineering) with extensive experience from applied research and projects in the intersection between academia and industry. Primarily researching digitalized product development, and innovation engineering, within the aerospace, automotive and industrial sector. Healthcare sector applications is on the rise. Working model based digitalisation where digital twin and IoT comes together for delivering customer value through product-service systems in a circular economy.

Anton Johansson

CEO & Producer, Istudios Visuals

Anton is one of the founders and the CEO of Istudios Visuals.

While half of his time is spent on pre-production and incoming projects the other half is spent on IT-infrastructure and visions for the future. As early adopters of new technology Anton and his colleagues at Istudios have pushed the boundaries of what is possible even with such a small team, competing with studios ten times the size.

With over 16 years of experience and a massive amount of background replacements, Anton is eager to see what new possibilities lie ahead in the merging of the worlds of film production and the game industry.

Monika Klein

Ph.D. Academy of Art/Mediadesign Incubator, Stettin Polen

dr Monika Klein – Co-founder of the Szczecin Incubator of Culture, which promotes and develops innovative ideas in the field of culture and creativity, she is also president of the Media Dizajn Association.Academic lecturer, permanently connected with the Academy of Art and the University of Szczecin, but working all over Europe. Specializes in economics of the creative sector, its influence on regional development and business models of the creative and cultural sector. She knows all about design management and service design at the microeconomic level. At the same time, she aims to be creative and creative in finding solutions that focus on user needs. Planning and supporting creative sector activities in the functional, visual, emotional and social spheres.

Start-up and innovation showcase

Blekinge teknikaccelerator


Tech Concept Lab (TCL) is a pilot initiative of Blue Science Park, helping teams accelerate the technical side of their ideas. Participation in TCL is completely free of charge. Part of the TCL portfolio, appCruit is a job matching community made to put people first , creating an easy and reliable way to connect qualified staff with temporary or permanent positions in hospitality or other industries.

Blekinge Business Incubator

If you have an idea for a new company, we can help you grow, expand internationally and to scale up your idea! BBI is a regional incubator that works with Startups to provide them with business coaching, networking and financing. We help Startups to evaluate and develop their ideas with established startup techniques.

Start-ups pitching


Woda intends to give the user control over their water consumption. With AI and smart devices the user gets real time information about their consumption, statistics and possibility to receive warnings on unexpected usage.

eCom Booster is a SaaS which automates and streamlines time consuming processes for E-commerce businesses related to gathering and processing data related to product pricing, images, prices, stock and product information. With Ecombooster, our customers can increase their revenues and gain faster time to market for new products!

Juice Machine Games

We are a team of three people with a burning passion for video game development and design. Our current project is a game called 1000 Days, a turn based strategy game in a futuristic fantasy sci-fi setting.

Mana Brigade

Mana Brigade is an Indie game company that specialize in VR Development and we have experience with cross platform PC VR / Standalone VR / PC. We also make our own technical solutions, such as multiplayer and other custom made tools – “Do it properly, do it yourself”. 

Grindab AB

Grindab innovates and sell self closing gates to enable that all people get access to our nature whitout comprimise with animal safety.
We are located in south Sweden, where we develop and manufacture our products.

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Born in Paris of a Cameroonian father and a Guadeloupian mother, Jeffrey grew up in Bobigny, a suburb near Paris.
Humorously he says of himself:

The legend tells that… no, there is no legend about me. 

I’m the third child of the dynasty M&G. Every family is a dynasty with stories filled with joy but regrettably weighed down by occasional dramas also. Life preserves infinity.
My life is not an achieved masterpiece, but becoming one since I’ve understood that dreams coincide with reality. To relate a dream is lesser than living it to its fullest. Incidentally, the first single I recorded a few years ago was entitled “To live for a dream”.

My artistic career isn’t too bad already and I hope that it will keep expanding. Walt Disney decided to hire me to interpret the main title of “Beauty and the Beast 2” in duet with the talented Gaëlle Hervé.
The result was convincing because the company called me again to sing “He lives in you”,
the original soundtrack of The Lion King 2

Stena Line Propeller Prize

Win 100.000 Sek

To stimulate innovation and new businesses, Stena Line annually award the Stena Line Propeller Prize to two young growth companies. Both win 100 000 SEK each. The prize is announced by Blue Science Park during the annual digital event Innovation Day in Karlskrona, Sweden.

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