Test arena Blekinge – New technology for the elderly

The cost of healthcare in Sweden is estimated to increase by thirty percent by 2050. For elderly care, the increase is expected to be more than twice as high. The reason is paradoxically that we live longer and the older we become, the more diseases we get. The trend is also that we move from institutional care towards an increasing focus on the individual in the home. We take more responsibility for our own health, want to stay healthy longer and postpone the need for health and social care. When illness and disability strikes us, we want to maintain independence for the longest and manage ourselves in our own homes.

Aim of the project
The aim of the “New Technology for Older” project is to develop one or more technical solutions for people with cognitive impairment in order to increase the well-being of both individual and close relatives and at the same time developing a test bed in which technical solutions can be tested and validated. The project is one of six sub-projects in the Test arena Blekinge and is conducted in collaboration with researchers at Blekinge Institute of Technology and the business community of Blekinge.

To find out more information about the project, please contact Klas Alexandersson, Blue Science Park.


This project is part-financed by:


  • Cyber Security Day at Blue Science Park
  • Kick-off for project SECMAR
  • New international project in secure maritime digitalisation
  • Searis Technologies and AllBinary - the winners of Stena Line Propeller Prize 2019
  • Innovation Day 19 News: finalists for the Stena Line Propeller Prize