Test-arena Blekinge – Detect at the bottom

The main purpose of our project Detect at the bottom is to create a test bed which improves the conditions for “productification” of research results in underwater technology – system integration linked to AUV and ROV operations, testing system accuracy regarding both positioning and maneuvering in ex. narrow spaces and the technical ability to detect in the bottom. The test beds will provide unique opportunities for completing methods, performing plans, calculations, simulations, tests and evaluations for both easier and more sophisticated offshore operations.

Project goal
– Build a generic test bed / demonstrator for detection underwater
– Build a generic test bed / demonstrator for interaction between systems and operator
– Develop and quality safe testing methods and test equipment
– New test methods and tools should be verified and quality assured through scientific publication / peer review to provide basis for future standardization.

Facts – Detect at the bottom/System integration
System integration is a discipline that grows in importance in underwater technology, where method and system support increases in the development phase. However, method development is beyond the scope of small and medium-sized technology companies; supporting forms from user representatives are required. Moreover, the transfer between academia and business is usually a common break in innovation chains. A solution for increased cooperation is through the creation of a test bed that constitutes a researcher in product development and from development to market.

To find out more information about the project, please contact Magnus Olsson, Blue Science Park.


This project is part-financed by:


  • Searis Technologies and AllBinary - the winners of Stena Line Propeller Prize 2019
  • Innovation Day 19 News: finalists for the Stena Line Propeller Prize
  • Blue Science Park creates Northern European cooperation in IT security
  • The winners of the Stena Line Propeller Prize 2018
  • New investment on eHealth - eHealth Innovation